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Cynthia Huntington’s collection HEAVENLY BODIES was a 2012 National Book Award Poetry Finalist. HEAVENLY BODIES was the 2010 Crab Orchard Series in Poetry Editor’s Selection by series editor Jon Tribble, and the collection was published by Southern Illinois University Press in January 2012.

Congratulations to Cynthia for this honor!


The Crab Orchard Series in Poetry is very pleased to announce the winner of this year's First Book Award competition. SALT MOON by Noel Crook was selected by this year's final judge, Amy Fleury. SALT MOON will be published by Southern Illinois University Press in Spring 2015. — Jon Tribble, Series Editor




2014 Open Competition Award see guidelines Submit 10/1 - 11/18/2013
2014 Open Competition Award see guidelines Submit 10/1 - 11/18/2013
2013 First Book Award Noel Crook Salt Moon
2013 Open Competition Award Dan Albergotti Millennial Teeth
2013 Open Competition Award T.J. Jarrett Zion
2012 Editor's Selection Chad Davidson From the Fire Hills
2012 First Book Award Tarfia Faizullah Seam
2012 Open Competition Award Jeffrey Skinner Glaciology
2012 Open Competition Award Jason Sommer The Laughter of Adam and Eve
2011 Editor's Selection Amy Fleury Sympathetic Magic
2011 First Book Award Tyler Mills Tongue Lyre
2011 Open Competition Award Jacob Shores-Arguello In the Absence of Clocks
2011 Open Competition Award Wally Swist Huang Po and the Dimemsions of Love
2010 Editor's Selection Cynthia Huntington Heavenly Bodies
2010 First Book Award Claire McQuerry Lacemakers
2010 Open Competition Award Brian Barker The Black Ocean
2010 Open Competition Award Camille Dungy Smith Blue
2009 Editor's Selection Jake Adam York Persons Unknown
2009 First Book Award Traci Brimhall Rookery
2009 Open Competition Award Todd Hearon Strange Land
2009 Open Competition Award Jennifer Richter Threshold
2008 Editor's Selection Lee Ann Roripaugh On the Cusp of a Dangerous Year
2008 First Book Award William Notter Holding Everything Down
2008 Open Competition Award Alison Townsend Persephone in America
2008 Open Competition Award Jesse Lee Kercheval Cinema Muto
2007 Editor's Selection Chad Davidson The Last Predicta
2007 First Book Award Sean Nevin Oblivio Gate
2007 Open Competition Award Ciaran Berry The Sphere of Birds
2007 Open Competition Award Jake Adam York A Murmuration of Starlings
2006 Editor's Selection Oliver de la Paz Furious Lullaby
2006 First Book Award Mary Jo Firth Gillett Soluble Fish
2006 Open Competition Award Moira Linehan If No Moon
2006 Open Competition Award Honorée Fanonne Jeffers Red Clay Suite
2005 Editor's Selection Julianna Baggott Lizzie Borden in Love
2005 First Book Award Jennifer Maier Dark Alphabet
2005 Open Competition Award David Hernandez Always Danger
2005 Open Competition Award Susan B.A. Somers-Willett Roam
2004 Editor's Selection Timothy Liu For Dust Thou Art
2004 First Book Award A. Loudermilk Strange Valentine
2004 Open Competition Award Victoria Chang Circle
2004 Open Competition Award Greg Pape American Flamingo
2003 Editor's Selection Richard Cecil Twenty First Century Blues
2003 First Book Award Amy Fleury Beautiful Trouble
2003 Open Competition Award Jon Pineda Birthmark
2003 Open Competition Award Lee Ann Roripaugh Year of the Snake
2002 First Book Award Chad Davidson Consolation Miracle
2002 Open Competition Award Elton Glaser Pelican Tracks
2002 Open Competition Award Patricia Jabbeh Wesley Becoming Ebony
2001 First Book Award Joelle Biele White Summer
2001 Open Competition Award Joy Katz Fabulae
2001 Open Competition Award Susan Aizenberg Muse
2000 First Book Award Vandana Khanna Train to Agra
2000 Open Competition Award J. Allyn Rosser Misery Prefigured
2000 Open Competition Award Julianna Baggott This Country of Mothers
2000 Open Competition Award Oliver de la Paz Names Above Houses
1999 Open Competition Award Marilene Phipps Crossroads and Unholy Water
1999 Open Competition Award Elton Glaser Winter Amnesties
1998 Open Competition Award Denise Duhamel Star-Spangled Banner
1998 Open Competition Award Richard Cecil In Search of the Great Dead


The Crab Orchard Award Series in Poetry began in 1998 as a co-publishing venture of CRAB ORCHARD REVIEW and Southern Illinois University Press. In 2003, the Crab Orchard Award Series in Poetry changed its name to the Crab Orchard Series in Poetry to reflect a new area in our ongoing project to publish some of the best new work by established and new voices in American poetry. In addition to continuing to publish our First Book Award and our Open Competition Award winners each year, the series began in 2004 to publish Editor’s Selections chosen by the series editor to build upon and expand the strengths of the Crab Orchard Series in Poetry. Editor's Selections are selected from manuscripts submitted to the series editor from authors who are currently published in the Crab Orchard Series in Poetry (who are no longer eligible to enter the Open Competition) or from poets who have already published one or more books who are invited by the series editor to submit a manuscript. There is no open reading period for Editor's Selections and first books are not considered.

We want to thank all the readers and writers who have made the Crab Orchard Award Series in Poetry such a success and we look forward to bringing you more new titles in the Crab Orchard Series in Poetry. Open Competition of manuscripts submitted each Fall (October 1 through November 16; see guidelines for details). In addition to the Open Competition Award, the series will publish the winner of the annual First Book Award selected from poetry manuscripts submitted in the Spring (May 10 through July 7; see guidelines for details).

Questions about the Editor's Selections or either competition should be directed to:

Jon Tribble, Series Editor.

Please read the guidelines before sending any query.

The Crab Orchard Series in Poetry now accepts online submissions through Submittable.



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