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CRAB ORCHARD REVIEW's Annual Literary Contests

Jack Dyer Fiction Prize


Winners & Finalists

2011 Winner Greta Schuler "Mutare"
2011 Finalist E. Farrell "Strip Mine"
2011 Finalist Julia Phillips "Inheritance"
2010 Winner Shannon Sweetnam "Migration"
2010 Finalist Dionne Irving "Canals"
2010 Finalist Kara Weiss "The Meaning of Red"
2009 Winner Timothy Crandle "Bethlehem Steel"
2009 Finalist Toni Kay Cole "Water Mommies"
2009 Finalist Michael Schiavone "Mountain Top Automotive"
2008 Winner CB Anderson "Tourmaline"
2008 Finalist Dana Schwartz "On the Ground Looking Up"
2008 Finalist Whitney Steen "Law Day"
2007 Winner Ron Tanner "Diversity!"
2007 Finalist Taemi Lim "Eating an Elephant"
2007 Finalist Matthew Pitt "For the Balance of Their Union"
2006 Winner Amina Gautier "How to Make Flan"
2006 Finalist Nam Le "Escape"
2006 Finalist Patricia Stiles "Accomplice"
2005 Winner Jason Skipper "Tangled in the Ropes"
2005 Finalist Amina Gautier "Held"
2005 Finalist Sylvia Torti "Experimenting with Birds"
2004 - Crab Orchard Review's publication schedule is revised. No contests this year. 2004 - Crab Orchard Review begins the Richard Peterson Poetry Prize the following year.
2003 Winner Linda Mannheim "Dropping"
2003 Finalist Francine Almash "Abacus"
2003 Finalist Ron Tanner "Builder of Bridges"
2002 Winner Doris Iarovici "Facts"
2002 Finalist Francine Almash "Current Events"
2002 Finalist Nikol Watson "Summer Ashes"
2001 Winner Aimee Parkison "The Upstairs Album"
2001 Finalist Phil Condon "Shade"
2001 Finalist Jeb Livingood "Dependents"
2000 Winner Siobhan Fallon "Still Life with Saints"
2000 Finalist Laurie Stone "The Mother of Invention"
2000 Finalist Amy Stuber "Under Stones, Under Water"
1999 Winner Gina Ochsner "Eulogy for Red"
1999 Finalist Leo Haber "Coney Island Sand"
1999 Finalist Ernest McLeod "Due to Illness"
1999 Finalist Christina Murphy "Candle Moon"
1998 Winner Julie Gard "Eddie Burkowski Lives"
1999 Finalist Leo Haber "Samson"
1999 Finalist Pauline Presley "Secrets"
1999 Finalist Andrea Simon "Radio Star"
1997 Winner Edward Minus "Land of the Midnight Sun"
1997 Finalist Julia Hardie "Late at Night, the Sound"
1997 Finalist Nancy Reisman "Girl on a Couch"
1997 Finalist Susan Robison "Dream Catcher"


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