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CRAB ORCHARD REVIEW's Annual Literary Contests

John Guyon Literary Nonfiction Prize


Winners & Finalists

2011 Winner Erika Giles "Flight from Hungary"
2011 Finalist Jessica Hendry Nelson "Another Day at the Beach"
2011 Finalist Rudolf Ogoo Okonkwo "The Beginning"
2010 Winner Barrie Jean Borich "On a Clear Day, Catalina"
2010 Finalist Jacob M. Appel "Opting Out"
2010 Finalist Brian M. Biggs "Lessons from Vietnam
2009 Winner J.A. Bernstein "The Missing"
2009 Finalist Elizabeth Enslin "Ama"
2009 Finalist G.E. Henderson "Falling"
2008 Winner C.T. Lawrence "Cabbage"
2008 Finalist Deb Everson Borofka "Remembrance"
2008 Finalist Anna Kushner "Cementerios"
2007 Winner Aria Minu-Sepehr "My Own Revolution"
2007 Finalist Laura Distelheim "On Losing America"
2007 Finalist Maureen Stanton "The Cat Is a Haunt"
2006 Winner Susan Sterling "Radiation Blooms"
2006 Finalist Erica Bleeg "Stop"
2006 Finalist Nate Lowe "Handing It Down"
2005 Winner Michelle Morano "Grammar Lessons: The Subjunctive Mood"
2005 Finalist Margaret Collins "Purple"
2005 Finalist Laura Distelheim "For My Sister, Who Has Learned How to See in the Dark"
2004 - Crab Orchard Review's publication schedule is revised. No contests this year. 2004 - Crab Orchard Review begins the Richard Peterson Poetry Prize the following year.
2003 Winner Debra Marquart "Pilgrim Soul"
2003 Finalist Betty A. Christiansen "Good Friday"
2003 Finalist Holly Leigh "On Other Shores"
2002 Winner Ned Balbo "Walt Whitman's Finches: of discretion and disclosure in autobiography and adoption"
2002 Finalist BK Loren "The Road to Buffalo Bill's Grave"
2002 Finalist Angela R. Morales "Exhuming Abuelita"
2001 Winner Faith Adiele "Passing through Bandit Territory"
2001 Finalist Marci Brown "Things to Do"
2001 Finalist Lee Zacharias "The Village Idiot"
2000 Winner Jane Satterfield "Motherland"
2000 Finalist Mimi Schwartz "Under the Sun Block"
2000 Finalist Bill Smoot "Raking the Ashes"
2000 Finalist Kwanlam Wong "Tenderly"
2000 Finalist Jackie Zakrewsky "Coal Country"
1999 Winner Rigoberto González "Our Secret Other Worlds"
1999 Finalist Sheryl St. Germain "Eye of the Storm"
1999 Finalist Faith Adiele "The Master of the House"
1999 Finalist Faith Adiele "Transmigration"
1998 Winner Ginny MacKenzie "Games of Chance"
1999 Finalist Judith Barrington "Señor Serra's Romance: A Memoir"
1999 Finalist Earl S. Braggs "A Lesson in Love"
1999 Finalist S.L. Wisenberg "Flying"
1997 Winner Holly Iglesias "Companion Pieces"
1997 Finalist Jessica Jordan Nudel "Following Caroline"
1997 Finalist Helen Ruggieri "The Ghost in the Machine"
1997 Finalist Andrea Simon "Dead End to Flatbush"


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