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CRAB ORCHARD REVIEW's Annual Literary Contests

Richard Peterson Poetry Prize


Winners & Finalists

2011 Winner Catherine Anderson
2011 Finalist Julie Hanson
2011 Finalist Nancy Pearson
2010 Winner Jonathan Rice
2010 Finalist Ryan Teitman
2010 Finalist Mary Van Denend
2009 Winner Tyler Caroline Mills
2009 Finalist Derick Mattern
2009 Finalist Leah Nielsen
2008 Winner Maya Jewell Zeller
2008 Finalist Lynne Potts
2008 Finalist D.H. Tracy
2007 Winner Luisa A. Igloria
2007 Finalist Amanda Auchter
2007 Finalist Rebecca Dunham
2006 Winner Sandy Tseng
2006 Finalist Rebecca Dunham
2006 Finalist Jody Rambo
2005 Winner Amber Flora Thomas
2005 Finalist Nadine Meyer
2005 Finalist Anis Shivani
2004 - Crab Orchard Review's publication schedule is revised. No contests this year.

Crab Orchard Review begins the Richard Peterson Poetry Prize the following year.



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